Sometimes being you can be challenging because it might buck the status quo. It is much easier to just follow that duck right in front of you. When we follow in line, no one asks questions. When we follow in line, we don’t cause people to have to reflect on their own journey. However, does it really make sense to expect a group of unique people to all follow the same path? Isn’t that counterintuitive to human nature, if we really want people to be true to who they are? We think so, so this week, feel free to TAKE THE OTHER ROAD. Before seeing this as a wild card or a license to make whatever choices you want and to live out the first thing that comes to mind, you need to pause for a moment to understand the power of your choices. There is a cause and effect to everything we do, and we need to thoughtfully process our choices before making them. In other words, if taking the other road means you only do fun things, shirk all responsibilities, don’t respect others, and aimlessly go through life, we would recommend you to stay more on the straight and narrow path. But to start being a little truer to yourself, even in the small matters, is a way of honoring your uniqueness and being true to your heart. And, this is a beautiful thing. This is you being you. So, if it makes sense and you have regard for what it means, just know that taking the other road at times matters.

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