It’s been well documented that we live in a culture of immediate gratification. Microwaves and fast food restaurants used to be the examples we cited in order make the case. Today, however, our need for speed is found in something less tangible… our behaviors. Given the charged state of affairs in our society right now, it feels as if our need to react, respond, and refute is triggering at lightning speed. This behavior is not serving us, individually or collectively, and it’s time for us to TAKE THE TIME. The sheer amount of information being shared around politics, race, and culture right now is overwhelming. Sadly, for many of us, the need to be the first to repost or share these images, quotes, statistics, or videos is more important than our needing to understand them first. We often don’t take the time to learn more or put in the research first. We don’t take enough time to listen. We don’t ask enough questions. We don’t take enough time to reflect on our own biases. We simply rapid fire anything we see, read, watch, or hear that seems to be consistent with our beliefs. This is not going to change anything. In fact, it is only going to hold us back. We must get real with what we share, where it comes from, what we believe, and how much learning and growing we need to do. Real change takes real effort. Taking the time matters.

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