Humans are designed to connect. Sure there are introverts and extroverts. And, sure there are shy people and social people. Regardless, life is meant to be done together. Think about it… what are some of your favorite moments in life? Did they involve love? Did they involve laughter? Did they involve adventure? Well, unless you live by yourself on a deserted island, most likely your experiences of love, laughter, or adventure involved another person, if not several. So, this week, we want you to create more experiences that allow you to enjoy doing life with other people. We want you to THROW A BLOCK PARTY. The fun part about this idea is that the idea of a “party” always brings more joy. The creative part about this idea is that you get to define what you consider your “block” to be. Maybe it is literally the block you live on. Or, maybe it is your department at work or your neighborhood gym where you play pick-up basketball games. Pick your “block,” and ask your block to help throw the “party.” Before you know it, you will be having a BLOCK PARTY and joy will overfloweth. It’s that simple. Throwing block parties matters.

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