There quietly exists an Eighth Wonder of the World that is actually responsible for the Seven Wonders of the World with which we are all familiar. It is the human brain. Weighing in at just three pounds, it is designed to send messages back and forth for our lungs to take in oxygen, our heart to pump blood, and our digestive system to grind food into fuel. Then, there’s the “thinking” part of our brain that processes our emotions and decisions. And although the brain is not a muscle, it can be trained like one, so this week, we want you to TRAIN YOUR BRAIN. The majority of humans have a tendency to take on an optimistic approach to life. It’s connected to our need to survive. However, being optimistic is a choice. Whether we are optimistic or pessimistic is not set in stone. It’s our patterns of thinking and how we process that information; for example, choosing to view a challenge as an opportunity or a failure as a learning moment. The great thing is that we have the ability and capacity to make that choice and train ourselves to be more positive and hopeful. Who wouldn’t want to be a bit more optimistic? Optimistic people are physically and emotionally healthier. Optimistic people have stronger friendships and happier relationships. Optimistic people feel purposeful, grounded, and fulfilled. Training your brain matters.

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