We often believe we have to do something to earn a “treat.” Or, there are only a few times a year that we get “treats,” which can mean the rest of the year becomes about depriving ourselves. But, we all deserve to treat ourselves. This week, we want you to TRY A TREAT, and maybe even get in the habit of it. A treat can be a piece of candy, a scoop of ice cream, or your favorite “cheat” meal. While these types of treats are easy and can bring us joy, there are many other ways to treat ourselves. Some treats are born out of experiences that you can do for yourself, like getting a massage, taking a yoga class, or taking the time to read a good book. Others are enjoyed with others, like going on a hike, meeting for breakfast, or going to the farmers market. There are plenty of ways to treat yourself, and we challenge you to find some new ways this week. Regardless of what type of treats you choose this week, we want you to truly embrace the fact that you and the people in your life deserve them. Yes, you are worthy of treats, and you can use them as a way to take care of yourself. Now that we have that covered, all that is left is for you to start treating. No tricks. Just treats. All week long… for you and anyone else you have in mind. Trying a treat matters.

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