Being new at something can be both terrifying and exciting. To begin with, most of us don’t like to fail at something, and “being new” likely means we won’t be very good at first. We also have fears that hold us back and keep us from stepping out and exploring the world. And, the older we get, the more we think we have “been there and done that,” thereby convincing ourselves that there aren’t as many new things for us to try any more. As much as we would like to validate your feelings, we also want to say that we aren’t buying it. Sorry for the tough love here, but the world has way too much to offer, and you have so much to offer it in return. So, this week, we want you to TRY SOMETHING NEW. Excited? We hope so, because tying new things is fun. Scared? No worries. Remember it’s okay to not be good at something. Inspired? Awesome, because there are so many new options out there for you to explore. Try a new recipe, make a new friend, volunteer at a new local agency, go see a new band, visit a new city, or start a new hobby. Just pick something and go for it. No judgment. No fear. Just fun. Embrace your inner-adventurer, because the options are endless. Trying something new matters.

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