“I would never eat sushi.” “There is no way I would jump out of an airplane.” “Even if you gave me a million dollars, I would never…” Ever heard or said something like this before? Since most of us have at least one pretty strong fear of something, we are guessing that you have. But the real question is whether you stood firm or found a way to get a little adventurous to push through your fear. Well, if you haven’t, maybe this is the perfect week for it. In the spirit of this month’s theme, we think it’s time to get adventurous by TRYING STUFF. But because we are nice, and we truly want you to try something this week, we are going to soften our approach a little bit. Of course, there are the “never in a million years…” things to do, but there are also the “I would love to…” things, and you just haven’t done them yet. You get to pick how adventurous your adventure will be, but consider this first—for one person (maybe you) trying a new food is just not going to happen, but jumping inside a shark cage sounds like fun. While, for others, trying new foods is crazy fun, but the shark tank is a “no way.” So, what’ll it be? Find a “Try Stuff” buddy, then take the plunge. Trying new stuff matters.

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