Buddha’s quote, “Nothing is forever except change,” might be the biggest bane of our existence. We hate change. We always have and probably always will. But we shouldn’t necessarily beat ourselves up for this because part of our reaction to change is also physiological. Our body constantly seeks a state of homeostasis or equilibrium. It likes to maintain things like normal body temperature, metabolism, and organ function, as it deems them necessary for survival. This is why your body often tells you to quit in the middle of an exercise class, for you are disrupting the system. But this is also why you keep going, because you have the ability to change your thoughts and to finish strong. So, this week, let’s all choose to TURN THE PAGE. Our minds are powerful… which can be both good and bad. Bad, if we let our thoughts and emotions get the best of us. Good, if we take agency and control of our minds to live empowered and healthy productive lives. So, yes, we have all been stuck on a page for the past few months, and we haven’t enjoyed it much. But change is already happening and one day there will be a new normal. What do we want that to look and feel like? What are doing to create it right this very moment? Let’s all get excited about tomorrow. Turning the page matters.

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