If someone offered you $100 a day to give up your cell phone could you do it? Would you do it? What if they offered you $500 a day? Or $1,000. And, if you think you could do it for one day, well how about two or three days? Or a week? See, most people freak out when they don’t know where their phone is for even a few minutes. It is almost like life needs to come to a complete standstill until that dang phone is found. And, as soon as we find it, we are then hit with an amazing feeling of calm. Well, somehow, we think we all have this a little backwards. What if feeling calm wasn’t a result of finding our phone, rather the proactive choice to just put our phones down for a second. Interesting. This week, we are going to try it. It’s time to UNPLUG. Yikes. We know, baby steps… but work with us here. There are times throughout our day that we look at our phone and we absolutely don’t need to. It is unsafe, rude, disconnecting, and distracting. How about these situations – while driving your car; while eating dinner with someone; or, while in a movie theatre. Fair enough? We think so… and there are plenty other times as well. So, this week, choose differently. Be safe. Be present. Be polite. Unplugging matters.

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