At the root of being civil lies a language, a set of rules, which exists in order for a civilization to thrive. It’s sometimes difficult to know every nuance of this language, but, without a doubt, you know it when you see or hear it. It makes you smile and feel good inside. It makes you feel respected and seen. It gives you hope and a desire to pay it forward. When we hear the opposite or nothing at all, however, it makes us want to crawl into a hole and somehow dampens our belief in humanity. The language we speak of is, “Manners.” And this week, we’re wondering if you could, USE YOUR MANNERS, PLEASE. How is it that manners have earned a new name? They’re now called, “Random acts of kindness.” Someone held a door open for someone else. Someone picked something up they, themself, didn’t drop. And, dare we say that someone said “Thank you” or sent a note after receiving something? By definition, they are now “random,” but actually, they are not random at all. They happen at precise times, when doing the civil thing is an available option. And, they are performed by people with manners. We are all presented with opportunities to use our manners; the only random part is whether or not we do. Using your manners matters.

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