Tradition is embedded in every family, every culture, and every relationship. Some traditions have been in place for generations, while others are new. Some we may not necessarily understand or even think about, because they have always been a part of our life; while other traditions we look forward to and count the minutes. The fact is that traditions matter as they help to bring consistency, connection, and community to our life; so this week, we want you to VALUE TRADITION. To value something means we need to place intention on it. We need to recognize it as something that adds to our life and honor it with proper time and effort. So what traditions do you have in your life and how do you value them? Maybe it is a weekly game night with friends. Maybe it is a family recipe passed down through the generations. Or maybe it is an annual 5K run you do with co-workers to support a good cause. At the same time, have you ever considered a new tradition you would like to begin today? Yes, every tradition started somewhere with a first go at it, so why not start a new one now? Traditions, no matter what they look like, help bind and connect us to one another. Traditions let us know we have things in common, times we can look forward to, and memories we can reflect on throughout our lives. Valuing tradition matters.

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