Once we discover the needs of our community, we then come to a fork in the road—to engage and get involved or to turn a blind eye and go about our routines. We are fairly confident that you know which path we think all of us should take. This week, we want you to VOLUNTEER YOUR TIME. Our time is limited. We live busy lives, packed with both personal and professional responsibilities. We often find ourselves saying, “If I just had more time” or “I need two of me to get everything done.” We also know that Father Time keeps ticking away and we can’t stop it, so each minute of our life needs to be treasured because we can’t get it back. But this is also why volunteering is so special. It communicates to the recipients of your time and to the world that you are willing to find time in your schedule and to give away minutes you can’t get back in the spirit of doing good and serving. This is about as powerful as it gets. Then, of course, there are the literal benefits from your volunteering efforts, whether that means less litter on the beach or one more child learning how to read. And somewhere in all of this there is a gift for you, as you start to connect more with how much you matter to your community. Everyone wins. Your community wins. Volunteering your time matters.



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