There has been a growing market in the world that we love. Just look around at people’s wrists and you will see what we mean. They come in all different colors, styles, and technologies. But at the end of the day, they do something really important… they count our steps and track our miles. Have you ever been asked if you “hit 10,000 steps today?” Definitely a cool, new question that people are asking; however, there is still much work to do here regardless of your answer. So, this week, we want you to WALK OR RIDE. The fact is that, even with these gadgets, we are still not getting the recommended number of steps we should be taking every day. We actually don’t even hit 50% of that number. And, not only is this negatively affecting our health, it is also hurting our environment… for a trip taken by foot or peddled is a trip that saves our planet. So, ask yourself before you grab those keys to drive to the store four blocks away: “Could I walk, peddle, or skate instead?” We promise that both your health and our planet will love you for it. You might even meet some members of your community along the way. Walking or riding matters.

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