We love to judge. We love to react. Now that everyone has a platform, via social media, we have the capability to post comments and reactions with virtually zero accountability and a ton of vitriol. It’s as if our culture has become addicted to scouring social media with the sole purpose of finding things to reject. It’s pretty easy to hide behind an account and say whatever we please. But how often do we welcome what people think of us? How often do we concern ourselves with our own personal approval rating? Hmm. Things just got more interesting, didn’t they? This week, we want you to WELCOME FEEDBACK. When was the last time you said something to someone and asked how it made him or her feel? When was the last time you approached your teacher, spouse, neighbor, or boss and asked them how you could do a better job? Or, what if a third party asked one of those people, on your behalf, how well you were doing? A little unsettling maybe? Well, it’s time for all of us to stop letting everyone else know how we feel about what they say and do, and to shift the perspective inward. Start with yourself. Ask yourself how you think you are doing when it comes to showing up in all parts of your life. Then, once you feel brave enough, start asking for feedback from those around you. This is how we grow. This is how we get better. This is what our world needs more of. Welcoming feedback, matters.

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