There was a time when people would pull out a piece of paper and a quill and actually handwrite a note to someone. Every single word on that piece of paper came directly from the author’s mind or heart. Then we got greeting cards, which did the heart-felt message writing for us and only required us to sign our name. Then we got smart phones, which gave us the ability to text and use, “emojis,” to express our feelings. But in all of this “progress,” it seems we lost something. We lost our ability to express ourselves and to share our hearts through handwritten words. So, this week, we want you to WRITE A NOTE. There is just something special about a handwritten note. Not only is the message from you and not pre-printed, but it can also be much longer than 140 characters or a bunch of texts. Even better, it can’t be deleted and can be enjoyed over and over again. And, if we haven’t convinced you yet, you should also know that the very act of sitting down and writing a note to someone also creates an opportunity for you to get quiet, to feel, and to sincerely express yourself. To all of this, we say, “awesome.” Be it a simple thank you, a note of appreciation, or an apology. Writing notes matters.

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