How much time do you spend thinking about everything that you appreciate? Do you do it daily? Weekly? Monthly? Ok, we are not going to go out any further than a month. While thinking about what you appreciate, what comes to mind? Is it a person, like a friend, spouse, co-worker or neighbor? Is it a thing, like a job, a car, or a butterfly? Or is it an experience, like taking a hike, working out, or going on vacation? Maybe it is even a feeling such as love or peace. Point being, if we really stop and take a moment to think about it, most likely, we all have plenty to appreciate. But, here is the kicker, do we ever take the time to write about it? Well, you are about to, because this week, we want you to WRITE IT OUT. The act of actually writing about what we appreciate connects us closer to it and brings a deeper sense of appreciation. It requires us to really be in the moment of appreciation and, if we make it a habit, provides a constant reminder to be appreciative of our lives and all we have and can experience. Even better, it gives us the chance to relive those special moments. Not convinced yet? Well, start an Appreciation Journal today and see for yourself. You will appreciate us for it. Writing it out matters.

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